Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Germany - The Food


We arrived back from an amazing vacation in Germany last night. Unfortunately, I was absolutely terrible at photographing the food we ate while we were there. But let me tell you, we sure enjoyed it. One of the most memorable meals was a lunch we shared one of the first days there. My host-family treated us to the most incredible duck I've ever had. Yup, no pictures. Sorry about that. We also had several great fish meals. I finally remembered to take some pictures the last couple nights. The top photo is an Oktoberfest birthday dinner party for my host-sister. We had sauerkraut, leberkäse, weiß wurst, pretzels, cheese, schweinshaxe (ham hock) and dumplings. It was delicious, and tasted great with the Oktoberfest beer and crazy schnapps we had. The bottom photo is a morning after meal of Döner Kebab, which is a very common fast food item in Germany that I crave, but is basically impossible to find in Chicago. Good stuff.

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Mel said...

Oh my meat. Yum! Welcome back to the kitchen!!