Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chicken and Rice


"Barcelona Chicken" (sliced in half thin)
Yellow Rice
Salad with Hearts of Palm, Radish, Cornichons, Sunflower Seeds
Hot Sauce (for me)

I bought the chicken already marinated from Sendik's. The rice is from a package. Brian is working late (day 3). The boys and I loved it!


Heidi said...

Sometimes the best meals are the "what have I got a packet of?" meals. Best example lately - sauteed shrimp over quinoa/veg mix (frozen from TJ's) and a sliced melon. Half a pack of shrimp + bag of nuke-able grain/veg + ready cut fruit = awesome meal in 10 minutes. Seriously - give that frozen quinoa mix a try - even Ted liked it!

Heidi said...

Cool! My word verification was "Reaggi" - not quite "Reggie", but close!