Thursday, December 29, 2011

After Christmas Leftovers



NOTE: Between our quick trip to England and the holidays, planning dinners is the last thing on my mind! We hosted some friends and family for Christmas Eve., and are having friends over for New Year's Eve. In between, I've been winging it! I consider it my gift to myself. (Although, it's starting to drive me crazy -- I'm sick of eating out). We had quite a few leftovers after Christmas Eve., but enjoyed a night of leftover cheese and meats.

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Heidi said...

We had the same thing for dinner last night!! Ours was from Friday, the surprise birthday dinner left on our table by our awesome neighbors. We got home from the airport around six so they even put candles on the tortes. Thankfully, they didn't light them ;) Brandon was shocked.

Don't you love cheese & bread dinners? Five minutes to prepare and almost no clean up.