Saturday, January 21, 2012

La Merenda


La Merenda:
Local Artisan Cheese and Meat Plate
Jamaican Jerk Trout
Duck Confit Crepes
Patatas Bravas y Chroizo
Braised Veal Short Ribs

NOTE: All four of us voted that our favorite dish was the Duck Confit Crepes. Brian was bothered that they are international tapas -- he'd prefer it to be just Spanish (or even another region). I thought everything we had was really good. But I do agree, that you do need to be careful mixing dishes in choosing what you want to order since they are pretty strong dishes, and not everything compliments each other. I've been here once before and was sad that one of my favorite dishes -- a shrimp dish -- wasn't offered tonight. But we all had a great time, and the boys really loved it.

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The Greater Green said...

Just found your food blog- yum!!! Wow, you guys are awesome! Love all the great food you, as a family, are eating. I can only hope that Chris will be such an adventurous eater as he gets older.....:)